About my thoughts, ideas and the projects I’m working on


  • A special kind of developer, the creative one

    Are you one of those developers who likes to play around with animations, new tech, VR and all kind of other stuff that needs developer skills but also some kind of creativity? Maybe you are one of those special kind of developers.

  • My most productive 4 months with the least results

    It’s been more than 4 month now since I “started a new life” and I can’t say everything goes as I planned. To date, I launched only one (free) product mostly because some bad decisions.

  • How to monetize a free product?

    At the end of January I launched my first product, the HashtagCalendar. My original goal was to create products that will generate a passive income and as a free product, HashtagCalendar doesn’t seem to help me achive this goal. Or does it?

  • Takeaways after the first month


    • Based on RescueTime reports my productivity was ok, but I don’t feel that way
    • When I have to deal with repetitive tasks, I got distracted easily
    • It’s also hard to stay motivated during these tasks
    • Tested the pomodoro technique to stay focused » didn’t work, looking for a new solution
    • Need to organize my tasks much better »...
  • Back on the dev train

    When I first left my day to day job back in 2009, my goal (dream) was to create products that could generate enough revenue to cover my basic expenses (food, clothes, rent, etc) so I could spend more time with learning and experiencing new things without the fear of becoming homeless if something goes really wrong 😄