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Day 002

Working on the editor UI. I also started to clean up the list of features I'm going to add to the first version of the app because I want to make it publicly available as soon as possible. So these are the features for the MVP:

  • sign up / login
  • connect to Notion
  • list existing forms
  • create a new form
  • delete an existing form
  • edit a form:
    • change the order of the form fields
    • mark field as required
    • mark field as hidden
    • change the label of the field
    • change the label of the submit button
    • change the success message and default error messages

Some of those features are already done, but without a proper UI.

I didn't want to add the field order feature first, but for some reason, the default order seems quite random and not the same you use in your Notion database. So it can easily happen that while the second and third columns on your database are First Name and Last Name, in the API response they are third and fifth. Displaying the fields in that order wouldn't be the most user-friendly thing.