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👋 Hey, it’s Feri!

// pronounced like ferry 😄

Lately I started to "tag" myself as a digital tinkerer to cover all the things I'm interested in and have a basic or advanced knowledge.

I'm taking ideas from thoughts through MVPs to matured products. My main focus is on web based apps but also interested in mobile development and hardware technologies.

To learn more about me, head over to my bio.

Currently, I'm focusing on, a tool that people can use to create story-like experiences to grow their database.

100 days of making

Summary of the first 10 days

I'm close to check all he items on my todo list regarding the features I'd like to add to the mvp. But the UI is still a crap. I haven't spent much time working on that because my main focus was to make the functions work and then make it look pretty.

16 January 2022

Day 010

I have to change the way I feel about doing marketing vs writing code.

14 January 2022

Day 009

The form editor UI is starting to get together, but today I have to work on the distribution and marketing strategy again.

13 January 2022

Day 008

Eight days in and I just can’t tell how naive I was when I thought that this could be done in a few days. Especially when I’m not working on this full time.

12 January 2022

Day 007

The field reorder / sortable feature is done 🎉  I’d say this was the most complex part of the mvp, so hopefully, I’ll be able to move a bit faster from now.

11 January 2022

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I used to keep Gmail open all the time in my browser, but not anymore

I’m not the kind of person who keeps a tremendous amount of tabs open in their browser because I have a feeling that it makes me inefficient, but for years, Gmail was the app I almost never closed. Mainly because I felt the urge to respond to an email as fast as possible or if it was something unnecessary I wanted to dump it so I can get close to inbox zero. After a while, this became a habit and I felt I had a great control over my inbox.

24 August 2021

The road from my first sale to $1.000 and how to get to the next $1.000

Last year, when I was working on The Maker Report and completed the survey myself, I summarized my year with a relatively short sentence: This is hard! And I really meant it. Taking the first step is easy, it’s a different story to keep walking.

02 July 2020

Weekly backlog 07.


Short summary:

  • 🤖 Someone is working really hard to hack my server
  • 🎉 The maker report got 50+ responses
  • 🏗️ Started to work on my yearly review

23 December 2019

Weekly backlog 06.


Short summary:

  • 😥 Lost a Discount Hunt customer
  • 🏗️ Added extra fraud protection tools to CreativeDevJobs
  • 🎉 Finally launched The Maker Report

16 December 2019

Weekly backlog 05.


Short summary:

  • 📝 I started to collect and upload positions to CreativeDevJobs
  • 🏗️ Made a few adjustments on the Gift Hunt, Discount Hunt and Story View landing pages
  • 🥳 The guest post about Gift Hunt went live
  • 🐞 Found a bug in CreativeDevJobs and someone used the job posting process to test stolen card information

09 December 2019

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