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Day 006

Back to code. Still working on the editor UI. It is fascinating how many times I can fall into the same trap.

As I mentioned in on of my previous posts, I want to create an interface that is similar to the one that is used by Notion and also by Tally. Both of them are using the same “icon button” to handle the reorder of form fields and to open a menu where you can change additional settings. This doesn’t sound as a really complex thing but because I’m using a react component I haven’t used before (of course...) I had to spend a few hours to figure out how to do this properly. It wasn’t a waste if time, because I figured it out eventually, but as I have a defined amount of time to work on this project, that could be used better.

Also, huge thanks to the open source community for making all of these amazing things. Without those, building an app like this would probably take a crazy amount of time.