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And the winner is...

As more and more brands are moving to Instagram the need to have the right tools that can help to overcome the weaknesses of the platform is getting bigger. TWiS (The winner is) is one of these tools. With the help of it, you can manage your Instagram contests in your business accounts much easier.

Background story

I've already built a similar tool to manage Facebook contests and it was a "hit" with around 150-200 daily active users. It was a free tool and was built for the Hungarian market. This time, I'm targeting a global market and I hope, I can make some money from it as well 😄

This is not the first tool on the market to solve this problem, but all the ones I know had some shortcomings (didn't use the official API, couldn't select more than one winner at a time, couldn't replace winners, etc). But what is the problem I'm trying to solve with TWiS?

The problem

Starting an Instagram contest is easy. For example, you just post something and then ask your followers to submit their answers as comments and at the end you can pick one of these comments as a winner. You can do this without any additional tool by selecting all the comments, pasting them to an excel sheet, then creating a random order and the first comment will be the winner. But what happens if you need to exclude some of the comments or users? What if participants had to use one or more hashtags to submit a valid answer? What if users had to mention an exact number of profiles to participate? If you are an excel ninja you would probably solve these as well, but probably not in a few minutes. And if you have to do this multiple times in a week or day, you'll lose valuable time and probably some hair as well 😂 As a son of a hairdresser, I'm a big fan of nice hair, this way my motivation was more than usually 😄

Whose problem I'm trying to solve?

I've made two personas to better represent my target audience. The first is Sarah Social, who is breathing social media, the second is Bob Baker, a small business owner who wants to stay ahead of his competitors. You can read more about their motivation and problems on the following images.

Sarah Social

Bob Baker

The business model

For the start I choose a "pay as you go" business model because I think at the moment this is the one that suites best my target group. Everyone can try the tool for free and later they can top up their accounts by purchasing one of the available packages.

What's next?

Although I think that the focus is moving away from social media, I also think that there are a few more years before something else will replace it. So I'll integrate more platforms to TWiS, starting with Facebook Pages and Groups (if it's possible via the current API endpoints).

You can try TWiS for free on the following URL: twis.io