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  • Internet outage, Story View updates and Gift Hunt results

    This is my first weekly backlog post. Writing a summary at the end of every day about what I was working on makes it a bit easier to get over the feeling I’m not doing enough. Although, I still have mixed feelings about the results.

  • Weekly backlog

    At the end of last week, I reached one of my yearly goals. I’ve read 6 books by far and while I updated my goals subpage I also realized that by the end of the year I’m not going to publish 30 blog posts if I don’t change my writing habits. So, that’s what I’m doing now :)

  • My first Shopify extension

    Well, I can’t say it was an easy ride, but it’s finally here. Today my first Shopify extension went live on the app store. Here are a few things about why I built it and what I learned during the process.

  • There is no time for perfection

    For years I was always the one who wasn’t 100% satisfied with the end result. When it was possible, I wanted 120%. And I always found something that (I thought) could be better.

  • Re-Product - An online market for your "trash"


    • I decided to participate in Fixathon
    • I used Node.js, Express, and MongoDB to build my product
    • this happened right after I finished the Learn Node course, so I can’t say I was an experienced Node.js developer
    • I could almost finish all the functions I wanted to
    • the platform is live and looks like it works fine as a...
  • I’m trying to take my part to fix the climate

    Before starting to write this post, I just realized, that the upper part of the Chestnut tree, standing in the backyard of our building is almost dead because of the heatwaves in the past few months. I hope it’ll get better but by taking a look at the weather forecast, I can’t say I’m optimistic about it.

  • 6 months as a fulltime maker

    6 months just passed by since I left my manager position to become a fulltime “maker”. I can’t say everything goes as planned, but when I look at the big picture, I think, I’m going in the right direction.

  • 5 free hosting solutions for your next project

    When I started web development, there were a bunch of free options to host the sites I created. Most of them offered 200Mb of free space and a custom subdomain (It was about 15 years ago). Today, developers have much more and much better options to push their sites or web apps online, and they don’t even have to...