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  • Weekly backlog 07.


    Short summary:

    • 🤖 Someone is working really hard to hack my server
    • 🎉 The maker report got 50+ responses
    • 🏗️ Started to work on my yearly review

  • Weekly backlog 06.


    Short summary:

    • 😥 Lost a Discount Hunt customer
    • 🏗️ Added extra fraud protection tools to CreativeDevJobs
    • 🎉 Finally launched The Maker Report

  • Weekly backlog 05.


    Short summary:

    • 📝 I started to collect and upload positions to CreativeDevJobs
    • 🏗️ Made a few adjustments on the Gift Hunt, Discount Hunt and Story View landing pages
    • 🥳 The guest post about Gift Hunt went live
    • 🐞 Found a bug in CreativeDevJobs and someone used the job posting process to test stolen card information
  • Weekly backlog 04.


    Short summary:

    • 🏗️ Gift Hunt updates about pro features
    • 🥳 New Discount Hunt customer
    • 😔 I have to pay for another monthly service
    • ✍️ I finally finished the guest post about Gift Hunt
    • 🤗 Another great chat with a fellow maker

  • Weekly backlog 03.

    Short summary:

    • free version of Gift Hunt is live
    • landing page changes
    • Google Ads for Discount Hunt
    • virtual meeting with a fellow maker
  • A bit different direction with Gift Hunt

    Short summary:

    • I decided to create a free version of Gift Hunt because I think I can’t reach the necessary amount of people without submitting my plugin to the WordPress plugin directory
    • for the Pro version I have to offer something that users will pay for and I decided to add features that will make it possible to customize...
  • Internet outage, Story View updates and Gift Hunt results

    This is my first weekly backlog post. Writing a summary at the end of every day about what I was working on makes it a bit easier to get over the feeling I’m not doing enough. Although, I still have mixed feelings about the results.

  • Weekly backlog

    At the end of last week, I reached one of my yearly goals. I’ve read 6 books by far and while I updated my goals subpage I also realized that by the end of the year I’m not going to publish 30 blog posts if I don’t change my writing habits. So, that’s what I’m doing now :)

  • My first Shopify extension

    Well, I can’t say it was an easy ride, but it’s finally here. Today my first Shopify extension went live on the app store. Here are a few things about why I built it and what I learned during the process.

  • There is no time for perfection

    For years I was always the one who wasn’t 100% satisfied with the end result. When it was possible, I wanted 120%. And I always found something that (I thought) could be better.