About my thoughts, ideas and the projects I’m working on


  • 6 months as a fulltime maker

    6 months just passed by since I left my manager position to become a fulltime “maker”. I can’t say everything goes as planned, but when I look at the big picture, I think, I’m going in the right direction.

  • 5 free hosting solutions for your next project

    When I started web development, there were a bunch of free options to host the sites I created. Most of them offered 200Mb of free space and a custom subdomain (It was about 15 years ago). Today, developers have much more and much better options to push their sites or web apps online, and they don’t even have to...

  • My first desktop application


    • I decided to participate in the Product Hunt Makers Festival
    • ended up building my first desktop app
    • had to learn the basics of Electron, Node.js, Express, React, GraphQL, Apollo to accomplish my goal
    • spent a ton of time by watching and reading tutorials just to make the basic authentication process work
    • had dreams about the issues I struggled...
  • From Avengers Endgame to my first (kind of) successful product

    Have you ever felt while reading an article that it would be great to get just a short summary of it to find out if it worth your time to read the whole thing? I had the same feeling while I was traveling home for a long weekend and was trying to catch up on the latest news about Avengers:...

  • New things I learned in the past 5 months

    When I started the “maker life” at the beginning of this year one of my goals was to try at least one new technology with every product I build. This is a summary of the things I learned while building 5 tools in the past 5 months.

  • And the winner is...

    As more and more brands are moving to Instagram the need to have the right tools that can help to overcome the weaknesses of the platform is getting bigger. TWiS (The winner is) is one of these tools. With the help of it, you can manage your Instagram contests in your business accounts much easier.

  • A special kind of developer, the creative one

    Are you one of those developers who likes to play around with animations, new tech, VR and all kind of other stuff that needs developer skills but also some kind of creativity? Maybe you are one of those special kind of developers.

  • My most productive 4 months with the least results

    It’s been more than 4 month now since I “started a new life” and I can’t say everything goes as I planned. To date, I launched only one (free) product mostly because some bad decisions.

  • How to monetize a free product?

    At the end of January I launched my first product, the HashtagCalendar. My original goal was to create products that will generate a passive income and as a free product, HashtagCalendar doesn’t seem to help me achive this goal. Or does it?

  • Takeaways after the first month


    • Based on RescueTime reports my productivity was ok, but I don’t feel that way
    • When I have to deal with repetitive tasks, I got distracted easily
    • It’s also hard to stay motivated during these tasks
    • Tested the pomodoro technique to stay focused » didn’t work, looking for a new solution
    • Need to organize my tasks much better »...