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Summary of the first 10 days

I'm close to check all the items on my todo list regarding the features I'd like to add to the mvp. But the UI is still a crap. I haven't spent much time working on that because my main focus was to make the functions work and then make it look pretty.

This idea is more complex than I thought and whenever I'm working on the code I feel like 100 days wouldn't be enough to take it to the level I'd like to. Especially because I'm spending a few hours a day on this product and just 3 days out of 5 writing code. Whenever a new feature idea pops up in my head, this is what I'm thinking about and it makes it easier to not start to work on it but add it to the backlog instead.

At the beginning I thought that I'll post a daily update on Twitter, because #buildinpublic but I quickly realized that every time I go there I get distracted pretty easily. A funny tweet here, an interesting thread there and 30 minutes later I'm still scrolling the feed. I can't do that. I'll probably setup buffer to post the updates and check back on the feed about once or twice a week.

To be honest, I wanted to do much more in the first 10 days, but I made some progress every day, and that was the goal.

Daily backlogs of the first 10 days